Vietnam agarwood – Quality, natural frankincense in Ho Chi Minh City 2020

vietnam agarwood
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The following article will explain to you what agarwood is and what its effects give us. After that, we will introduce to you the address to buy reputable, quality Vietnam agarwood in Ho Chi Minh City

vietnam agarwood
Natural agarwood material

What is Vietnam agarwood?

Vietnam agarwood is born from the wound of Do Bau tree. However, not every Do Bau tree can produce them. Therefore, precious incense is even rarer than ever.

The wound from Do Bau tree after stagnant water because it rains, the potting tree will secrete a self-defense resin around the wound. Usually, on the trunk of the tree there will be marks by insect chisels, known as the eyes on the trunk. The sap, which is released in time, becomes more concentrated, aromatic and of course attracts an ant to eat.

The ants come and unknowingly bring the molecules of a fungus accidentally “transplanted” into the plastic layer on Do Bau tree. Over a very long time and the impact of nature. Agarwood was born. The longer the value is, the higher the value. Those that are over 60 years old can be used to treat illnesses

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Overview of Vietnam agarwood

vietnam agarwood
Natural frankincense bracelets
  • Other names: wind tree, conifer tree, agarwood tree, agarwood tree, agarwood.
  • Scientific name: Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.
  • Agarwood is commonly distributed in Southeast Asia and New Guinea.
  • Frankincense is distributed throughout Vietnam, such as Quan Nam, Ha Tinh, Ha Giang and Phu Quoc

The rarity of agarwood

At present, Frankincense is only available in Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, products made from them will also have differences in color, scent and value by different climates. In the market, there are many popular countries about Laos frankincense, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia. However, Vietnamese incense products are still the best quality.

The value of agarwood

vietnam agarwood

Agarwood / Aloeswood / Chen Xiang / Tram Huong / Oud is considered “the wood of the gods” and is considered by many to be sacred. Since ancient times, agarwood has been used by various religious traditions around the world. Especially in Buddhism. Frankincense wood can be used to make incense, worship in traditional ceremonies of nations.
Its gentle and delicate fragrance has been cultivated for millennia. Agarwood is believed to disperse negative energy, enhance positive energy. Bring luck and bring a sense of inner peace to the owner. Helps reduce stress and prevent disease.

What is agarwood used for?

vietnam agarwood

In addition to being used in worship, people today use sandalwood as a kind of beauty jewelry to add value to themselves. Vietnam agarwood is often used to make products such as incense bracelets, necklaces … Can also be used to make household furniture such as tables, chairs, Buddha statues …

In fact, because of its rarity, it is easy to buy fake, artificially frankincense fragrances. These frankincense fragrances are used to create aroma similar to frankincense. Of course, these chemicals are extremely toxic, can affect the health of the owner.

Where to buy reputable incense?

Natural frankincense bracelets

More than 30 years of experience, Lien The Agarwood company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality frankincense: essential oils, incense, Buddha statues, fine art ornamental plants for domestic and foreign consumers (Malaysia, South Korea , Dubai …).
Lien The is proud to bring you a true solution for a clean Tram Huong line of quality standards certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam.
Tram Huong Lien The brings a lot of benefits to consumers’ health with criterion 03 no: “no toxic, no chemicals, no flavorings”

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Address: 650 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 11, Quận 10 Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0938 910 427 – 0937393923
Facebook: Trầm Hương Liên Thế

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